Memorabilia of Sun Yat-sen University School of Medicine in 2018




Chen Chunsheng, Party Secretary of Sun Yat-sen University, went to the School of Medicine to conduct research on Party infrastructural work and fully affirmed it as well as the overall development of the college.

He also suggested planning various career developments following world-class standards, further strengthening talent introductions, and running the School to the full extent.



The School of Medicine invited 9 domestic high-level experts, including 5 academicians, to attend the college disciplinary assessment meeting to further evaluate the college's development plan.



Prof. Lan Ping, Secretary of the Party School of Medicine Direct Branch, took office.

The School also appointed Professor Pan Ji'an and Professor Zhang Xingding as dean assistants. The construction of the leading group of the college keeps improving.



The talent introduction work of the School of Medicine has achieved remarkable results.

In 2018, a total of 27 people passed the talent review of the school's “Hundred Talents Program,” including two national “Thousand Talents” scholars, ranking first in the medical school; five professors and six associate professors took office in 2018.

Professor Guo Deyin has been selected as a leading talent in technological innovation by the national “10,000 Talents Program.”



The scientific research work of the School of Medicine has been in smooth progress. Six national funding projects in natural science have been approved with a project rate of 40%, ranking among the best in the school.

The first batch of research sites in Xiuqi Hall has been fully put into use, providing basic information for the introduction of talents to carry out scientific research and guarantee the publishing of SCI papers in journals such as Hepatology, the top journal in the field of international hepatology.



The School of Medicine actively carried out academic brand building, held 17 series of academic lectures of “Xinglin Masters Lecture Hall” and “Xinglin Academic Forum,” and invited a group of high-level experts including academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, American Academy of Sciences, and French Academy of Sciences to make academic reports.



The teaching work of the School of Medicine has been steadily advanced. Seventeen basic and clinical teaching and research sections have been established, and the director or designated person in charge/contact person has been appointed.

The first batch of 11 teachers have obtained the qualification certificate of School of Medicine through training since the establishment of the school.



The talent training work of the School of Medicine has begun to take effect. A group of students stood out in academic competitions and cultural and sports activities at and outside the school, winning honors for the school as well as for the university.

The two teams won the first prize of the “5th National Undergraduate Basic Medical Innovation Forum and Experimental Design Competition,” and several students ranked champions at the Guangxi Qinzhou Station of the National Jumping Rope League 2018-2019, making Sun Yat-sen University Team ranked 4th place in the game.



The cultural construction of the School of Medicine has made positive progress, and the cultural emblems of the schools and universities such as the hospital emblems have been launched.

The yearbook of the School of Medicine has been compiled, the college admissions videos have been filmed, and the academic culture atmosphere of Xiuqi Hall has been created.

The foundation of the excellent cultural construction of the college has also been established at the beginning of the school.



The School of Medicine carried out cooperation and exchanges and established a joint party and government conference system with Zhongshan School of Medicine.

The exchanges and cooperation with the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Affiliated Hospital are increasingly close, as well as with the University of Hong Kong, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University, and other medical schools of both domestic and foreign high-level universities.